Angelina Jolie Best Movies of All Time

  Angelina Jolie's acclaimed performances shine in "Girl, Interrupted," and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."


Her role in "Changeling" also garners critical praise, making these films some of her best. Angelina Jolie has captivated audiences with her versatile acting and commanding screen presence. She has tackled diverse roles across various genres, contributing to her reputation as one of Hollywood's most talented actresses.


Jolie's ability to delve deeply into complex characters has earned her critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase. Her films often blend box-office success with artistic merit, striking a balance that few can achieve. With a career spanning decades, choosing her best movies can be challenging, but her performances consistently deliver memorable and impactful moments that have cemented her status in cinematic history. Whether she's in action-packed thrillers or emotional dramas, Jolie's contributions to film are undeniable, making any of her top movies a must-watch experience.

Angelina Jolie Best Movies of All Time


Angelina Jolie's Rise To Stardom

To explore Angelina Jolie's best movies, we delve into her cinematic journey. Jolie, with raw talent and captivating screen presence, has become a Hollywood icon.

Angelina Jolie's remarkable transition from a young actress to a global superstar is a tale of talent, versatility, and relentless drive.

Early Career Breakthroughs

Jolie's early roles laid the groundwork for her illustrious career.

  • 'Hackers' (1995) showcased her acting prowess.
  • 'Gia' (1998) won her critical acclaim and a Golden Globe.
  • 'Girl, Interrupted' (1999) earned her an Academy Award.

Establishing A Distinctive Brand

Angelina Jolie crafted a brand synonymous with strong, independent heroines.

Year Movie Role
2001 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider' Adventurer Lara Croft
2005 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Spy Jane Smith
2008 'Wanted' Assassin Fox

These roles cemented her status as a leading lady in Hollywood.

Top Performances In Drama And Action

Angelina Jolie stands as one of Hollywood's most versatile performers. Her commanding presence has graced both high-tension action flicks and nuanced dramatic films. Jolie's ability to captivate audiences across both genres is nothing short of impressive. Let's dive into her top performances in drama and action that showcase her range as an actress.

Critically Acclaimed Dramatic Roles

Angelina Jolie's dramatic chops are on full display in roles that have earned critical applause. Her powerful portrayals often leave lasting impressions.

  • "Girl, Interrupted" - Jolie's Oscar-winning performance as Lisa Rowe, a rebel in a psychiatric hospital.
  • "Changeling" - Jolie delivers a heart-wrenching turn as Christine Collins, a mother amidst a harrowing search for her son.
  • "A Mighty Heart" - A transformative performance as Mariane Pearl, depicting resilience in the face of tragedy.

Action-packed Blockbusters

Jolie's skill in action roles is undeniable. She has become a symbol of strength and agility in heart-racing blockbusters.

Movie Character Notable Traits
"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" Lara Croft Daring archaeologist and adventurer.
"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" Jane Smith Skilled assassin with a double life.
"Wanted" Fox Elite marksman with a mysterious past.

Jolie's high-octane roles often complement her dramatic work, showing her as a force to be reckoned with in all of cinema.

Unforgettable Characters And Stories

Angelina Jolie has graced the screen with a variety of powerful performances. Each role showcases her versatility and the deep emotions she brings to her characters. Her films are not just entertainment. They are journeys into lives that captivate and move audiences. This exploration of Angelina Jolie's best movies highlights those unforgettable characters and stories that still resonate with us.

Iconic Character Portrayals

We often remember movies for the characters that leave a lasting impression.

  • Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: This role turned Angelina into an action star. Her embodiment of the adventurous and intelligent Lara Croft is still iconic.
  • Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted: Her Oscar-winning performance as the rebellious Lisa showed her depth as an actress.
  • Mrs. Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith: The chemistry and dynamic between the two secret spies are unforgettable.
  • Maleficent in Maleficent: Angelina brought complexity to a character known as a villain, turning her into a relatable figure.

Narratives That Resonate With Audiences

The best films are those that stay with us long after the credits roll.

  1. 'A Mighty Heart': This gripping tale of courage and loss tells the story of Mariane Pearl, with a performance by Jolie that is both powerful and nuanced.
  2. 'Changeling': In this drama, Jolie portrays a mother's relentless pursuit of truth against all odds, touching hearts worldwide.
  3. 'Salt': This action-packed spy thriller puts Jolie in a complex narrative full of twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
  4. 'Gia': The poignant biography of Gia Carangi offers a raw and emotional insight into the life of the troubled model, with Jolie's performance critically acclaimed.
Angelina Jolie Best Movies of All Time



Angelina Jolie Best Movies of All Time



Frequently Asked Questions


What Movie Did Angelina Jolie Win An Oscar For?


Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for her supporting role in the film "Girl, Interrupted" at the 72nd Academy Awards.


What Movie Did Angelina Jolie Get Famous For?


Angelina Jolie gained widespread fame with her role in the 2001 action-adventure film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. " Her performance as the iconic video game hero Lara Croft catapulted her to international stardom.


Did Angelina Jolie Go To The Oscars?


Yes, Angelina Jolie has attended the Oscars multiple times, both as a nominee and as a presenter.




Exploring Angelina Jolie's filmography has been an exquisite journey. Each movie showcases her exceptional talent and versatility. These top picks echo her dedication to the craft. They serve as a testament to her enduring appeal on the silver screen. For fans and cinephiles alike, Jolie's best movies are not just to watch, but to experience.

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