How to Make a Candy Crush Game on Scratch

 To create a Candy Crush game on Scratch, start by opening a new project and adding sprites for candies. Design a game grid and use block coding to make candies interact.


Creating a custom Candy Crush-style game on Scratch can be a delightful project for both beginners and experienced coders. Scratch, a visual programming language developed by MIT, allows users to build games through drag-and-drop code blocks, making it accessible for all ages.


This engaging and colorful puzzle game involves matching similar candies to earn points and advance through levels. It encourages learners to think logically and creatively as they construct the game mechanics. Aspiring game developers gain hands-on experience with essential concepts such as variables, control flow, and cloning. The development process also hones problem-solving abilities and understanding of game logic. By the end of this project, users will have a fun and interactive game to share with the Scratch community.


Setting The Stage For Sweet Success

Embark on a sugary adventure as you learn to create your own Candy Crush game on Scratch.

By gathering colorful design elements and mastering the grid system, your game-building journey transforms into a smooth venture.

Gathering Design Elements

Begin by assembling a tasty assortment of visual ingredients that will bring your game to life.

  • Candies: Select a variety of candy shapes and colors.
  • Background: Choose a vibrant backdrop for your game board.
  • Score Panel: Design a space to display scores clearly.
  • Buttons: Create interactive buttons for game control.
  • Sound Effects: Pick fun sounds for an engaging experience.

Keep these elements friendly and colorful to entice players of all ages.

Plotting The Grid System

A well-planned grid is the foundation of your game's layout.

  1. Define the game area: Choose the number of rows and columns.
  2. Align candies: Make sure each candy snaps into the grid.
  3. Game mechanics: Program rules for candy movement and matching.
  4. User interaction: Ensure smooth control for swapping candies.

Effortlessly switch between candies with a solid grid, leading to endless fun.

With a keen eye for detail and a dash of creativity, your Scratch Candy Crush game will delight players around the world.

How to Make a Candy Crush Game on Scratch




Bringing The Candies To Life

Embarking on a journey to create your very own Candy Crush game on Scratch promises adventure and excitement. Imagine a colorful world of sweet treats that you can control and match with a simple swipe. Let's make this vision a reality by bringing the candies to life through vivid sprites, dynamic controls, and clever coding for match detection and clearing. Ready to get started?

Creating The Candy Sprites

The heart of your Candy Crush game lies in the adorable candy sprites. Each candy needs to be tantalizing and easy to recognize. Start by launching Scratch and selecting the "Create" option. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Scratch project and click on 'Choose a Sprite'.
  • Pick the paintbrush icon to craft your original candy designs.
  • Use bright colors and unique shapes for each candy type.
  • Save and name your sprites for easy identification.

Scripting The Swipe Mechanism

Making your candies move with a swipe is crucial for player interaction. It involves simple Scratch commands to mimic touch gestures. Here's a simplified step-by-step process:

  1. Drag the 'when green flag clicked' block onto your workspace.
  2. Attach the 'forever' loop to it to keep the script running.
  3. Use the 'if' block to check for mouse clicks or finger taps.
  4. Code the candies to follow the swipe direction while clicked.

Implementing Match And Clear Logic

For that satisfying moment when candies disappear after matching, you'll need to create a logic that recognizes these patterns. Integrate this through the following instructions:

Identify Matches:
Include a script to spot three or more same candies in a row or column.
Clear Matches:
Use a command to make matched candies vanish and score points.
Refill Board:
Generate new candies to fill gaps left by cleared ones.

Remember, precise commands and testing ensure a bug-free gaming experience. Keep the scripts clean and concise. Test frequently to catch any glitches. Boldly step into the entertaining world of game design with Scratch – your own Candy Crush adventure awaits!

Finishing Touches And Testing

Now that the main structure of your Candy Crush game on Scratch is ready, it’s time to polish it up. Adding scoring, creating multiple levels, and thorough playtesting will ensure a fun and engaging experience for players. Let’s dive in and give your game those final, important features.

Adding Scoring And Levels

Scoring keeps players motivated and levels bring exciting challenges. To incorporate these:

  • Create a variable for scoring and display it on the screen.
  • When candies match and disappear, increase the score.
  • Use conditional loops to check the score and move players to new levels.
  • Design levels with increased difficulty by adding more candy types or obstacles.

Debugging And Playtesting

To ensure a smooth gaming experience, debugging and testing are keys.

  1. Start by playing the game yourself. Look for any bugs.
  2. Are candies not matching up properly? Is the scoring incorrect? Fix these issues.
  3. Now, ask others to test your game. Gather their feedback.
  4. Notice how they play and make adjustments as required.
  5. Repeat the process until your game runs flawlessly.

With a well-tested game, players will come back for more fun. Your Candy Crush game on Scratch is now ready to shine!

How to Make a Candy Crush Game on Scratch




How to Make a Candy Crush Game on Scratch



Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make A Candy Crush Game On Scratch


How To Make A Game Like Candy Crush?


To make a game like Candy Crush, begin by learning a programming language like Unity or Swift. Design engaging levels and match-three mechanics. Add unique power-ups and challenges. Optimize for mobile platforms, and test thoroughly before release. Consider in-app purchases for monetization.


How To Create A Game With Scratch?


To create a game with Scratch, sign in on the Scratch website and click "Create. " Select sprites, design levels, and use blocks for coding game logic. Test and share your game.


How To Make A 3d Game In Scratch?


To make a 3D game in Scratch, start by learning scratch's basics. Then, use blocks to simulate 3D effects, controlling sprites' size, position, and layering. Experiment with perspective to enhance the illusion of depth. Utilize tutorials and community projects for guidance.




Embarking on your own Scratch Candy Crush adventure is an exciting journey. We've covered the essentials from sprites to scripts, ensuring every novice developer can leap into action. Remember, practice unlocks potential, so dive in and let your creativity flourish.


Happy coding and sweet success to all future game creators!

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