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New Netflix Horror Movies on Netflix: What to Watch Now

Netflix has become a go-to destination for horror movie fans, offering a wide range of titles to choose from. With new releases added regularly, subscribers can always find something to satisfy their craving for scares. In recent months, Netflix has released several new horror movies that have been generating buzz among fans of the genre.

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One of the most talked-about new releases is "Things Heard & Seen," a supernatural thriller that follows a couple who move to a small town only to discover that their perfect home has a dark history. The movie stars Amanda Seyfried and James Norton and is based on the novel "All Things Cease to Appear" by Elizabeth Brundage. Another notable addition to Netflix's horror lineup is "The Power," a British film set in a haunted hospital during a blackout in 1974. The movie has been praised for its atmospheric tension and strong performances from its cast.

Whether you're a die-hard horror fan or just looking for a good scare, Netflix's selection of new horror movies has something for everyone. From supernatural thrillers to psychological horror, these recent releases are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Latest Horror Releases on Netflix

A dark room with a glowing TV screen, casting an eerie light. Shadows loom in the corners, creating a sense of foreboding

Netflix has been adding a slew of new horror movies to its collection, providing viewers with a variety of options to choose from. Here are some of the latest horror releases on Netflix that are sure to give you the chills.

Supernatural Thrillers

For those who love supernatural horror movies, Netflix has got you covered. The streaming platform has added a range of supernatural thrillers that are perfect for a scary movie night. One of the latest additions is "The Uninvited", a movie about a young woman who returns home after spending time in a mental institution, only to find that her father has remarried and her mother's ghost is haunting the house.

Psychological Horror

If you're looking for something that will mess with your mind, Netflix has a range of psychological horror movies to choose from. "The Platform" is one of the latest additions, a movie about a vertical prison where prisoners on the upper floors are fed while those on the lower floors starve. The movie is a commentary on society's class divide and will leave you questioning your own morality.

Slasher Flicks

Slasher flicks are a staple of the horror genre, and Netflix has added a range of new movies to its collection. "Fear Street Part 1: 1994" is a recent release that pays homage to classic slasher movies of the 90s. The movie is set in the fictional town of Shadyside, where a group of teenagers must fight for their lives against a killer who has been terrorizing the town for centuries.


For those who like their horror with a side of humor, Netflix has added a range of horror-comedy movies to its collection. "The Babysitter: Killer Queen" is a recent release that follows the story of a teenager who discovers that his babysitter and her friends are part of a satanic cult. The movie is a perfect blend of horror and comedy and is sure to leave you laughing and scared at the same time.

In conclusion, Netflix has added a range of new horror movies to its collection, catering to all types of horror fans. From supernatural thrillers to slasher flicks, there's something for everyone. So, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready for a scary movie night.

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